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Beer myths busted

April 4, 2014

A series of informational talks about the shocking truths of alcohol is being sponsored by Molly McNamara, director of the wellness program at Monmouth College. The six topics vary greatly from the impacts of alcohol on academics to the physiological effects of alcohol on your body. The topic of discussion on Wednesday was common myths about alcohol.

There are only two students who have attended every discussion thus far. The flyer had mentioned that prizes will be rewarded to those people who are present at every meeting. Henry LeCrone, an attendee of this specific talk, mentioned that he would attend more talks that offer educational information like the 6-pack program. When asked which myth was the hardest to believe, he answered that he was shocked to find out that someone can’t eat before bed to help a hangover the next day. McNamara stated that greasy food won’t help a liver metabolize alcohol any faster.

Some other myths that were surprisingly false include: mixing alcohol with energy drinks makes someone drunker, drinking is a great way to reduce stress and the idea of high tolerances. Mixing alcohol with energy drinks just alters one’s perception of being drunk. Secondly, drinking does not reduce stress because the adrenaline actually increases in the body as someone drinks. The whole idea of high tolerances is a myth because it may take more booze to feel drunk, but it does not take more booze to be drunk. You only become tolerant to the feeling of being drunk, which in some cases leads to people drinking more to feel the same state of drunkenness.

These myths are just some of the interesting things there are to learn about alcohol. If you are concerned in finding out about social media and alcohol, then head to the Huff classroom 1010 on Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Ryan McMaster
Contributing Writer

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