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How I Met Your Mother meets its end

April 4, 2014

For any real fan, Monday night’s final episode of “How I Met Your Mother” (HIMYM) proved to be the perfect ending to a perfect show. Anyone who appreciates destiny and fate can find a way to relate to this show. Despite the negative feedback that’s been flooding social media sites lately, dedicated fans who have witnessed Ted’s ups and downs knew the finale would play out exactly how it did.

It was fall 2012 when I made my slap bet. I was one million times sure Ted was going to end up with Robin. At the time, I didn’t like that. The season that had just aired (7) was a dark time for Ted (Josh Radnor) as HIMYM fans tended to favor Robin (Colby Smulders) and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) together.

But I rewatched seasons one through seven during that time and fell in love with Ted and Robin. They were so unfit for each other that it was perfect: the blue French horn, Ted’s misshaped relationship with Victoria, their witty “major pay raise” jokes and their vow to end up together if they couldn’t find anyone by 40. There’s nothing like foreshadowing, but let me tell you, writers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, are the masters at foreshadowing, especially since new rumors surfaced that the show’s ending had been planned from the beginning.

The final episode was brilliant as the writers kept the storyline believable. Not every couple can be a perfect Lilly (Allyson Hannigan) and Marshall (Jason Segal) couple. It’s realistic that Barney and Robin divorced after three years.

What’s really great about the final episode though is that it stays true to the show. It sticks to the premise that you cannot fight fate no matter how hard you try. Both Robin and Ted fight fate in so many episodes, especially the penultimate episode where Ted tells Robin, “I don’t love you like that anymore…and you don’t love me like that either.” (Pshhh…yea right, Ted.) But the characters fight fate for the wrong reasons: selfish desires, work, other men or women, egos—those things all get in the way when life is happening and sooner or later Ted and Robin realize that they’ve been fighting a losing battle the whole time.

Fans may be upset that the titular mother, Tracy McConnell (Cristin Milioti) was introduced and then killed off. Her and Ted never would have worked out long-term though. Ted always wanted to meet “the one,” have a big wedding and live a story-book kind of life. He didn’t get that with Tracy. Sure, he never would have gotten that with Robin either, but Tracy was merely there for Ted when he needed someone to get over Robin while Robin tried finding her own bliss. Tracy helped Ted realize what his destiny was, and it’s only fair that her character passed away or Ted might have done something stupid (Remember Victoria?). Instead, Ted can say that he always loved her instead of reliving a regrettable Victoria-situation with Tracy.

HIMYM has been a show that’s warmed my heart for nearly a decade now. It’s taught me that nothing good ever happens after 2 a.m. (which I’m finding is probably accurate), it taught me that life is a time to enjoy the company of other people and that you don’t have to be Lilly and Marshall to end up happy.

Stevie Croisant

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