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Student stricken with chicken pox

April 4, 2014

Chicken pox, a disease more common among children, has infected Monmouth College. Monmouth sent a press release to students that gives basic information about the chicken pox and provides a phone number that a student can call if they have concerns or questions.

Though there is only one case of chicken pox on campus, the college is required to inform students about the disease. Dean Mohsin Masood said that immediate action was taken when they learned of the case through a college employee. “We took all the steps we needed to,” he said when asked about the procedure for dealing with chicken pox.

According to Masood, the college needs to inform the residents of the building in which the case is in, request that the student check with a medical professional, and make sure that students are aware that there is medicine available if they have never had chicken pox before. In addition, the maintenance team will come in and disinfect the building, especially the bathroom, to ensure the safety of the students. Throughout this process, the privacy of the student was respected.

Monmouth College has never had an epidemic of chicken pox. “In the past, we’ve had cases,” said Masood, “but usually only one or two here or there.” Considering that immediate action was taken and the college followed the necessary steps, Masood felt that they protected everyone the best they could.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, chicken pox is a potentially contagious disease that spreads through the air through coughing, sneezing, or breathing. It can also be spread through touching the blisters that chicken pox causes. The best way, according to their website, to prevent the disease is by getting the chicken pox vaccination. The vaccination is said to be a safe and effective way of preventing the disease, and, if a case ever occurs where chicken pox still happens after the vaccination, then the case is usually mild and less severe. Chicken pox usually occurs in children, but adults can be known to get it.

For more information on the chicken pox or to receive the vaccination, please contact the OSF Clinic at 734-1414. Vaccinations will be made available to all who wish to be vaccinated.

Aimee Miller
Contributing Writer

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