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Students face difficult housing sign-up issues

April 4, 2014

A lower voluntary attrition rate as well as successful recruitment efforts lead to “hectic” housing sign-ups this past week.

While upperclassmen utilized block-housing to their advantage, many students reported difficulty finding available rooms in the dorms they preferred, leading to many underclassmen to staying in the same dorms or the dorm next to last on their preference list.

“I came to housing on Thursday with a roommate and we wanted to live in McMike,” said freshman Amanda Bowman. “It’s mainly a sophomore higher building and it would be nicer. Instead I’m living in Grier, which is a freshman dorm and less ideal. Housing sign-ups just looked kind of hectic. There was just so many people outside waiting.”

The housing situation comes a year after Liedman dorm was allegedly set aside this year specifically for freshman, according to sophomore Marian Hjelmgren.

“I talked to some people in residence life last school year and they said that Liedman could only be for freshmen women because of how big the class was,” said Helmgren, “and that problem is probably going to get worse because they’ve bumped up recruiting.”

Cassie Burton
News Editor

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