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The odds are in favor of Greek Week

April 4, 2014

Kelsi Ford/ The Courier - Courtney Jonsson and Joy Meyer teach the Greek Community the art of disguise by turning Billy Bernard into a tree at the Greek Week Show on Wednesday.

“Here’s some advice. Stay alive.” Though this advice was originally given to tributes headed into the Hunger Games, anyone involved in Greek life on campus can tell you that this advice has also been imperative during Greek Week. This year, the Greek community grew as the local co-ed fraternity Mu Lambda Rho joined the other eight chapters for the week of fundraising and fun activities.

This year the theme embraces the hype surrounding “The Hunger Games” book and movie franchise with the Greek Week Games. Each chapter was assigned a district and corresponding theme to include in their banner, dance, etc. The events included penny wars, a barbeque, trivia, capture the flag, a blood drive, candle pass, show and banquet.
Each year the chapters work together (and in competition) to raise money for a single charity. In conjunction with the theme, everyone is working to raise money for Kids Against Hunger, an organization that works to help starving children in both the U.S. and abroad. All canned goods collected at both the canned castle competition and the show will be sent to the local Jameson Center.

Like past years, every organization was teamed up with others for the show, but unlike past years, this partnership went beyond a skit and dance. “Usually there’s just one winner of Greek Week, so just one chapter wins, even though we’re all paired up. This year we have nine chapters so we thought it would be really neat to have a group winner,” said Greek Week Director Lydia Butler. “The teams that are together would be the winner, instead, and any individual points that they get for their chapter will be totaled together and that will determine the winner.”

Three groups of three chapters are working together to win one title: Greek Week champion. The partnerships are as follows: Mu Lambda Rho, Pi Beta Phi and Phi Gamma Delta; Alpha Xi Delta, Alpha Tau Omega and Zeta Beta Tau; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Phi Delta Theta.

Junior Phil Buckwinkler of Phi Delta Theta thinks that extending this partnership was a great move. “I like that we’ve decided to go with a more team-based win, rather than an individual win… it keeps the spirit of competition but reaffirms teamwork. When you win together as a team, I think that’s obviously better than winning individually.”

Butler hoped that this would help encourage unity and excitement among all of the chapters throughout Greek Week. Senior Becca Wilson of Pi Beta Phi feels that the Greek Week team has succeeded in their efforts. “I feel like this year everyone is really getting into it because the Hunger Games is so big right now… I feel like everybody is all about everything that we’re doing.”

Greek Week will end with a banquet on Friday where the winners of the week-long competition will be announced.

Mackenzie Mahler
Copy Editor

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