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April 11, 2014

In our final issue, we on the Courier staff would like to thank students, faculty and staff for their contributions to our paper, whether it is answering questions for a story or contributing a letter to the editor. We believe this open flow of information keeps the Courier on track to fulfill its duty of providing information as well as entertainment to the student body.

We would also like to remark on recent concerns brought to our attention about the sanctity of online communication, specifically email. For the record, mass emails sent to approximately one hundred recipients – such as an email exchanged between the entire Monmouth faculty – are not legally protected as private and/or privileged communication. Mass emails are frequently forwarded to many more recipients than those on the original list. If the emails are newsworthy, they are occasionally forwarded (some would say leaked) to members of the press.

There are no legal or ethical precedents that would prevent student or professional journalists from reproducing information sent in a mass email. It is also important that we carry through with any and all information made available to us deemed pertinent to a story we feel, as students and as journalists, should be included in the student paper. Only then can the freedom of the press be fully practiced.

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