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April 11, 2014

For Albert Algren, phone calls in the middle of the night are the norm. After 19 years of experience as the Warren County State’s Attorney, Algren has insights to share and big shoes to fill.

Starting at the Monmouth office in 1988 as an assistant, Algren was appointed State’s Attorney in September of 1995. Greg McClintock was Algren’s predecessor.

Before attending law school, Algren described his lack of drive at undergraduate school as the motivation when applying himself later in life: “When I went to undergraduate school, I was probably not the best student. When I decided to go back to school, eleven years later and then to law school, I had discipline.”

As a Monmouth-native, Algren has witnessed change in his hometown throughout the decades. While there are positive aspects to his career in law enforcement, such as meeting individuals within the community, Algren has noted a digression in Monmouth’s society. Neighborhoods that were well kept during Algren’s childhood now appeared run-down.

“I thought that I knew the community pretty well, and then I got into this job and realized that there was a whole segment of this community that I didn’t have any clue about — generally, a part of the community that I wouldn’t have cared to know about,” Algren said.

Algren explained how he has adapted to this career through experiences.

“You tend to get more cynical. I know that when I first started, I would believe more from people I did not know,” Algren said. “I got to the point where people would come in, and I would be more cautious. I would need them to prove their word.”

Algren was not the only individual impacted through his years of service to the community. His family also made sacrifices to show support of Algren’s career.

“This is a 24/7 job. I am on-call every hour, day and night…There have been times I had to miss family events involving not only my wife but also my two sons. There were times I couldn’t go to something. My family has always understood that,” said Algren.

After a 21-year career as the Warren County State’s Attorney, Algren plans to retire in December of 2016. Algren is currently the third longest-serving State’s Attorney in Illinois.

Julianna Graf
Contributing Writer

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