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Scots Feils: Good-bye my sexy friends

April 11, 2014

As I bid farewell to Monmouth College and the Scot’s Feils, I realize how much I’m going to miss sitting down to write solely about sex every week. Writing this column has helped me discover social issues and sexual topics that may never have been brought to my attention. While this has been mostly fun and games, I could only hope that I have humored and or given a little insight to someone through my sexual ramblings.

Looking back, I would have to say that my favorite topics that I’ve covered included those that dealt with social issues, such as the Large Labia Project and The Great Wall of Vagina, which both promoted positive female body image in eccentric ways. I feel that the promotion of positive body image is so essential in our society because of the way the media portrays men and women and distorts our views on how our bodies should look.

I think it’s important for all of us to adore our bodies and do things that we love on a daily basis. This may mean wearing an outfit that makes you feel good or even just by being naked (my personal favorite). And from a woman’s standpoint, if sex is what you enjoy doing than we shouldn’t have to answer to anyone or have to worry about being called a “slut.” I don’t believe in double standards and hope that we will soon reach an equal playing field. With the SlutWalk coming up on campus this Saturday and April being Sexual Assault Awareness month, we can be a part of changing our culture for the better. So get out there and participate in whatever makes you feel good.

Thank you all for reading. I can only hope that someone will continue this column for years to come. Good luck in all your sexual endeavors!

Braunwyn Feil

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