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Three school’s Improv groups combine, create laughs at Monmouth’s Fusion Theatre

April 11, 2014

Inter-Collegiate collaborations are often common in terms of athletics, but we saw a different, artistic collaboration when improv groups from three different schools – Monmouth College, Knox College and Western Illinois University – came together to organize an evening of fun down in the new Fusion Theatre in downtown Monmouth.

The event started off with Western’s improv troupe, a group of four, which involved a lot of audience participation and had multiple acts put together.

After Western, the Knox students performed with one long act. Consisting of a bigger group, they brought together the elements suggested by the audience to create an instant storyline with a past, present and future.

The final group, our own Monmouth College improve troupe, brought together some new acts with the following cast – Adam Duffield, Cole Downey, Gavin Bogan, Jennifer Simmons, Joshua Carmona, Melinda Craddock and Sarah Scmitt with TJ Hill as the emcee.

The featured acts were “Texts from Last Night” (where the actors read only from a designated cell phone), “Director’s Cut,” “Left, Right” and few more. It was more short form action compared to the rest of the performances.

The performance ended with actors from all schools joining together. The showcase as a whole had varying paces making it interesting and not monotonous for the audience.

Anton Benediktov, said that though he loved all the performances, the Knox performance was too long to comprehend. He added that the location being out of campus did not really attract a lot of attention though it was a decent crowd but not like the usual full houses. Apart from that, he loved the final act and appreciates the collaboration.

Improv has one final set performance for the year to send off their senior actors, which will take place on May 3.

Sujith Santhosh
Contributing Writer

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