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Changes to dining options met with mixed success, confusion

September 12, 2014

Since arriving back on campus, students at Monmouth College may have noticed some changes to their meal plans, specifically prices in Scotland Yard and the expanded selection at Scots Market.

The two most noticeable changes to Scotland Yard are chips as an option at Monty’s Sandwich Line and the rise in prices for all of the options, causing the normal meal like a sandwich with chips to cost students flex dollars.
Signs of unrest among students were evident by word of mouth and on the Monmouth Confesses Facebook page.

“Every day for the last two years I have been going downstairs and ordering a sandwich on pita for lunch. Now I can’t do that without losing flex dollars,” said one confession.

Students also took these concerns to the first meeting of Associated Students of Monmouth College (ASMC).
The feedback caused the school to return the option of chips to the meal plan.

Rising prices in Scotland Yard were also problematic for students.

According to Dining Services Director Angela Stodolkiewicz, Aramark and the Monmouth “made some pricing adjustments to keep pace with the inflation we have experienced over the past twelve months.”

One of the most popular spots on campus for snacks, Scots Market, has also undergone some changes.

New grab-and-go items are now available to students in Scots Market, as well as in Provision on Demand in the Center for Science and Business.New offerings include wraps, salads, fruit cups, sushi and yogurt.

While students now have more options, they can no longer use the food exchange option at Scots Market.

For the past few years, students have had the ability to exchange their meal ticket for another option, such as a salad or sandwich in Scots Market.

Monmouth ended that option this year because it was originally started when Scotland Yard was not open in the afternoon.

Some students disagree with the decision.

“The lines at the Scotland Yard can be too long, and I used to be able to grab a sandwich really fast when I don’t have time for lunch,” said junior Amber Berge.

Jacob Marx
Contributing Writer

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