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Comments on President Wyatt

September 12, 2014

“I was a member of the presidential search committee. News of this vacancy generated a very strong pool of presidential candidates. We feel we asked the best candidate to be our president, and he accepted. I have enjoyed working with President Wyatt on Faculty Senate this summer and fall and am excited about the opportunities that the Wyatt presidency can bring about.”

– Ian Moschenross, Associate Professor of Music

“I was extremely expressed with President Wyatt. I did not even realize that he was the new president of the college when I first saw him helping students move into their dorms. He introduced himself as Clarence to everyone he met. Long story short, I’m sold. Long live Clarence. Love live Monmouth College. Love live Clobie.”

– Ryan Arndt, Senior

“As a leader, President Wyatt always begins by listening thoughtfully and carefully. He is committed to enriching and expanding the opportunities we create for our students at Monmouth College, and I am expecting great things!”

– Stacy Cordery, History Department Chair

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