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MC features past faculty’s musical film

September 12, 2014

Pain is something a person can feel mentally, emotional, and physically. For everyone pain is different, and because of this everyone also heals differently. Scientific studies have shown that when a person is hurting in any form, they can play music to be able to heal faster than those who don’t.

Dustin Morrow, a former professor at Monmouth College, confirmed this with his new film “Everything Went Down.”

When asked why he wanted to show his film at Monmouth College in Wells Theater on September 9th, Morrow said, “I grew up in Galesburg, and taught at Monmouth ten years ago. My friends have been wanting to see it, so when I got the chance to show it at Monmouth, I was able to tell them all to come.”

Before the movie began, Morrow gave a short introduction to the film. He discussed how, though the film was a musical, he wanted the music to be unconventional by the music playing on the radio or on the iPods of the characters.

The film was intimate because a person in the audience could feel the emotion swell through them.

“My favorite aspect of the film is how anybody can find a way to relate to the story portrayed,” said freshman Sophie Slocum. “It was not a complicated fairy tale love story but rather a realistic one.”

“I liked the simplistic style of the movie, and how it only had two main characters. It helped people focus on the plot and music,” said freshman Scott Dykstra.

The movie took fourteen days to film and a lot more days to edit, and it was during the editing that Morrow decided to only have a single artist create the music.

“I wanted the single artist to be the narrator of the conscious of the movie,” said Morrow. “Music has been there for me and has helped me make decisions.”

All of the money the film makes will be donated to organizations that help children heal through music therapy.

Jamey Valdivia
Contributing Writer

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