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Unsung Heroes

September 12, 2014

We’ve all been greeted by the friendly smile of Lauren Jensen at Hewes Library. Jensen is well known for her upbeat spirit and helpful nature. Senior Kimarri Campbell described her as a “very dedicated and hardworking individual. She helped me so much during my English courses, especially when it came to searching relevant articles.”

This response isn’t surprising considering the amount of experience Jensen has in her field. Being a librarian was a logical choice for Jensen. She worked in the library for her undergraduate and graduate years of college, and then chose to further her career at Monmouth College because of its small liberal arts environment.

Working at a small liberal arts college gives her the opportunity to cultivate relationships with students and see familiar faces.

Jensen enjoys watching students have those “aha!” moments when they find the perfect source, or being able to show students new research methods for projects. She also likes to see her student employees transform and mature over the years.

Two things she would change, however, is waking up early in the morning to open up the library and compiling statistical reports.

When Jensen is not working, she spends time with friends, travels, attends concerts and knits. She loves to make her own sweaters and socks.

Jensen is excited to announce that Academic Search Premier has been upgraded to Academic Search Complete. This upgrade offers the Monmouth College community thousands of more resources to pull from for their research projects.

Jensen, along with other colleagues, is also adding items to the school’s digital archives. The types of objects that are in this archive are pictures of old sports teams, clubs and events that were held at the college. Such content is important for the school to show students the progress that has been made over the years.

DonJanae Morgan
Contributing Writer

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