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Housing woes amplified

September 19, 2014

Last week’s rain added insult to injury with campus housing complaints when some students found puddles in their rooms.

Two apartments in Founders Village sustained water damage last week when their rooms flooded.

While one apartment in Harding House was treated by maintenance in time to stay habitable, four male residents in Porter House were moved to one of the contingency rooms set aside each semester for potential maintenance issues.

“The smell is horrendous,” said one of the male occupants, junior Branson Cain, via email.

“(My question is) when do they stop cleaning the mess up and fix the foundation: do they keep letting floods happen when students live there or do they actually take a position on the issue and do something about it?”

Director of Residence Life Mohsin Masood said the apartment would be left empty until maintenance resolved the flooding issue.

Should the apartment’s maintenance issues be cleared in time for second semester, Cain and his quadmates would be offered the space back.

“According to maintenance, they’re bringing in architects to look at the building and find a solution, hopefully by next semester,” Masood said. “In order to avoid them having a traumatic experience, we will not move anyone into that room. We don’t want to put students through that.”

Recent flooding highlights the issue of displaced students, or students moved by the college from their place of residence through no fault of their own.

With the scheduled demolition of the Pi Beta Phi house coming near the end of the semester, the housing department is reportedly shuffling apartment assignments in Founders Village to keep all six residents of the Pi Phi house together.

“We’re very excited about the new house, but we now have to relocate these six girls,” said Billy Bernard, assistant director of sorority and fraternity life, leadership and involvement. “Those in the Pi Phi house shouldn’t be negatively impacted by the decision to tear down their house for a new one.”

While two of the sorority women who currently live in the house are sophomores, they could still be moved to Founders Village because they are considered displaced students and are placed at the top of the campus waiting list.

Four other students living in Founders Village are registered as sophomores or freshmen.

Not all are pleased with the priority being given, since many students are on the wait list for room changes to more preferable living situations.
“I don’t think the process they do is right,” said senior Kaitlyn Carter. “I think they should get the housing more organized because the number system they have … people are cheating it. They should let all seniors go first, then juniors, then sophomores.”

With the total capacity for on-campus housing set at 1,436 and enrollment hitting a total of 1,303 students – including commuters and students off-campus – no plans exist for a new dorm.

“If students ever have any issue with housing, they’re more than welcome to come and talk about what’s going on,” said John Salazar, director of student housing.

“We’re more than willing to work with every student.”

Cassie Burton
Courier Editor in Chief

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