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Major changes coming for WMCR station: WMCR is holding contest on its Facebook page to determine new logo for the Proud Fighting Scots

September 19, 2014

Al Walker / The Courier

The exciting news buzzing around Monmouth College’s radio station (WMCR) is all about the new frequency update coming to the college and city of Monmouth.

WMCR is celebrating its 52nd year of operation with a new name brought on by a new antenna – one that will open the station to FM radio. Starting in January, the station will switch to “The Proud Fighting Scots” (WPFS) on 105.9 FM.

“My hope is to spread what’s going on at the college to those living in town, and to help students be a better part of the community,” said Chris Goble, communication professor and adviser to WMCR and MC-TV.

Junior Timothy Yates, host of the WMCR radio show “Speaks Like Silence” said he’ll now expect to produce at a higher level.

“I’ll definitely have to be sharper and more on my game,” Yates said. “There is less room for mistakes when you know anyone could be listening and not just your friends.”

The update will commence as soon as January, although funding is still needed to begin building the antenna.

“I am very excited about this new change,” said senior Gavin Bogan. “This gives DJs in our radio class more experience in actual radio scenarios … I hope it can become big on campus.”

Goble said that the cost of the transmitter, antenna and the other equipment needed is between $10,00 and $20,000, which could postpone the project as far back as the summer of 2015.

Until then, WMCR is getting ready for the big switch, and is asking for help from artistic students.

The station is holding a contest for the best drawn logo submitted to their Facebook page.

The submission will need to include the new name WPFS “The Proud Fighting Scots” 105.9 FM for a chance to be selected as the station’s new logo.

Until the new station gets off the ground, WMCR continues to operate on the local cable channel 14 as well as the station’s online publication at

Al Walker
Contributing Writer

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