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Men’s soccer off to rough start: Scots working on rapport, new dynamics

September 19, 2014

Breyana Floyd / The Courier - Junior Chizobam Nkemeh races to get to the ball first. The Scots lost to Concordia on Saturday.

Men’s soccer is being hit hard with hometown losses under their belt, putting their record at 1-4. This past Saturday the Fighting Scots took on Concordia University, and by the end of the game, Concordia took the win with a score of 0-2. This was then followed by a loss of 1-3 to Marian College on Sunday.

Despite their losses, both the players and head coach Kooten Johnson remain optimistic, centering their efforts on playing hard while learning to communicate on the field.

“We are definitely excited about the season,” Johnson said. “We got a lot of new guys still trying to figure out how to play with each other, get organized and defend as a team.”

With half of the team consisting of incoming freshman, some of the veterans feel the pressure for adapting team dynamics from last year, when the team had only five freshmen and a hefty crop of veterans accustomed to the formations.

“It’s completely different,” says junior defender and captain, Bryce Adams. “You have to learn how each and every person plays on the field. It’s new people, it’s a new formation, it’s everything. Everything is new about the team. We got to bring these freshmen in and show them how college soccer is supposed to be played,” he said. The upperclassmen aren’t the only ones feeling the pressure.

“It’s way different [than high school],” said center midfielder Jake Cogan, freshman. “It’s just more physical. I feel like you have to be a lot fitter and it’s more tactical too,” he said.

So far the Scots have let two goals go each game, meaning more work needs to be done on the defensive side. Johnson and Cogan agree that more chances need to be taken while on the field when the opportunity to score presents itself.

Breyana Floyd / The Courier - Goalkeeper Luke Cogan kicks ball out to teammates waiting downfield. The junior had five saves against his opponents.

“This weekend is just like conference. Every game we have to communicate more and more,” said Adams. “These non-conference games are all meant to get us ready for conference so hopefully when that starts we start rolling and get some wins and keep going.” As the team goes through these growing pains, they still remain focused and fighting to be ready for conference.

With two conference games approaching quickly and the rest to be played at the end of the season, the Scots can’t afford to lose concentration. The team will refocus during practices and work on getting in sync with each other. The next home game is scheduled to be played Saturday at home.

Kimarri Campbell
Contributing Writer

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