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Scotland votes no

September 19, 2014

Well folks, the vote is in and Scotland has spoken. Scots have chosen not to become their own independent country and are staying with the United Kingdom; for now at least. The last six weeks have been nothing short of a battle between the Yes Scotland and Better Together campaigns. The two sides debated tirelessly on topics such as nuclear weapons, currency, and government powers. Both parties were targeting undecided people, because people who were already Yes or No voters would not be persuaded otherwise. It seems that the Better Together side got the right message across and now Scotland has to deal with the repercussions of the decision it has made.

So now what? Life may just return to normal. The No side will certainly say Scotland has spoken and feel they made a wise choice. The No campaign has repeatedly said that Scotland being a part of the United Kingdom is getting “the best of both worlds.” However both, Scotland and Alex Salmond, will be now be looking to Westminster for the powers that David Cameron, Nick Clegg, and Ed Miliband have promised to the Scottish Parliament in a recent “vow”. The certain powers that Scottish people are wanting primarily deal with taxation and the welfare system. What these new powers will actually be are unknown because they were not released to the public sphere. The Prime Minister will undoubtedly make a statement that Scotland made the right decision and now the UK needs to work together in order for Scotland to move forward. The world will be looking at major leaders and ask their look on the issue. What these influential select few will say cannot be predicted, but it will probably be nothing short of graceful.

Responses on from the Yes side could be quite varied. It is possible that violence will now erupt throughout Scotland because of the Nationalist’s idealism that has been shot down with the vote. It is also possible that the Yes campaign will now start planning for a future referendum because the Scottish Nationalists feel that Scotland needs to run by its people. There could also be possible tension throughout the country with questions Scottish No voters being seen as ‘traitors’. Voter turnout could also be a possible issue because the Yes campaigners could blame the No vote on people not going out to vote and the numbers not being accurate. On the other hand, the people who voted No are more likely the ‘wealthier’ classes and have connections to Britain, which could also cause a rift in the countries. Like previously stated, Alex Salmond will demand the powers that Scotland was promised. Whether he will do it amiably or not is another debate entirely.

Now that Scotland has decided against independence, will another referendum be coming in the next few years? There is no current arrangement in place, but another vote is a possibility. The Yes campaigners believe that it is not if Scotland will become independent, but when. Surely after this vote there will still be debates about Scotland’s future. But, for now, the people have spoken, and Scotland said No Thanks.

Carolyn Stowe
Contributing Writer

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