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Under the Kilt

September 19, 2014

It’s no secret that people love talking about sex but, for many of us, talking about masturbation is still taboo. Paddling the pink canoe, spanking the monkey, churning the butter or whatever you prefer to call it, masturbation is part of a healthy, normal sex life (and if you’re single, self-lovin’ is your sex life). Masturbation prepares you for great sex by teaching you what you like. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your sex life is throw a party for one.

Contrary to popular belief, you are responsible for your own orgasm. Nothing is more important than understanding your own body, especially in sex. Maybe you like to tickle several erogenous zones for increased stimulation. Maybe you are the type of individual who finds pleasure in fast and hard motions.

It takes trial and error to find out what makes you tick. In order to have mind blowing sex, you need to lay a solid foundation. Get to know what excites you so when the time comes, you can give your sexual partner the proper directions.

Would you have sex with the same person, the exact same way every time? Then why would you subject yourself to that kind of treatment? Take your solo sessions as the time to experiment.

Haven’t you ever wondered what impact a cold sensation, such as an ice cube, would have on your experience? Or what it would be like to have multiple orgasms? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to test out that sex toy you purchased from the store? The plus side to experimental masturbation is there is no one there to judge you.
Masturbation is not just for pleasure; it also has its benefits. It is found that masturbation can help you relax from a stressful day. A healthy masturbation routine can strengthen your pelvic muscles, which can contribute to an overall better sexual experience.

And if these reasons aren’t enough to step up your self-love game, it also helps with premature ejaculation. Masturbation can help an individual build up their tolerance because it teaches them some great self-control.
There is no denying that a good roll in the hay with someone has its perks. But the freedom you achieve through self-pleasure outshines that. Masturbation allows you to become comfortable with yourself and your sexuality. It allows you be selfish. So go ahead and let your self-love flag fly.

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