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Unsung Heroes

September 19, 2014

Drew Lipinski / The Courier

Not many current campus employees can say they were here when Monmouth’s enrollment was only 650 students, but Kathy Haas, head secretary for Monmouth College’s Athletic Department, remembers it well from when she started at the college in 1985.

Haas said that she never planned on being an athletic department secretary, but her athletic background has greatly helped. Most people think a secretary is someone who answers the phone and makes copies. In reality, most of the athletic teams could not function without her.

She coordinates transportation for the teams, gives the students meal money when they have away games and makes sure that the list of eligible student-athletes is out each week so the coaches know who can play.

In describing her duties, Haas only named a few things, but one could tell that she could name a lot more.

Haas is a very humble person who doesn’t seek attention. She simply does what she needs to do to help.

Since starting at Monmouth in the eighties, she has loved the school. Her love for the college even rubbed off on her daughter, who graduated from Monmouth is 2005. Haas said she enjoys what she does too much to ever go anywhere else.

Her favorite part about the job is game day. She loves seeing the school come out and support the teams and she enjoys cheering on the teams herself.
If you ask any student-athlete about Haas they have nothing but good things to say about her.

John Winkler
Contributing Writer

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