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Syrian students react

September 26, 2014

On Monday, President Obama ordered airstrikes on dozens of militant targets in Syria to try and combat the growing threat of ISIS. Thursday marked day three of the American-led campaign. With 18 Syrian students on campus this year, Monmouth is in a unique position to learn from our classmates and listen to their opinions on this international issue. For more information on ISIS, see Alistair Ramsay’s article on page two.

Do you think the attacks will result in diminishing the violence and destruction in your country?

“ISIL isn’t a new problem in the region, it is a continuation of an old story (Al-Qaeda). They are the same extremists the U.S. government started funding 30 years ago against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan that was originally Brzezinski’s idea to eliminate the Soviets. I think that ISIL isn’t a government or an army to be diminished by airstrikes. The destruction of ISIL needs major international support to stop funding terrorism in the first place and bigger military efforts to restore peace in Syria, Iraq and the region.”

-Anton Mahama, Junior

Do you approve or disapprove of the air strikes against the terrorist groups in your country?

“I see it’s useless and what made me astonished is how the U.S. flies over Syria to help Assad fight his enemies at the same time that the U.S. government keeps saying that the Assad government is the most dangerous to Syria and whole the area. If you’re looking about approving, yes sure I, and most Syrians I know approve of the attack against terrorist groups. But I can say to you that really most Syrians are disappointed from this strike because they wanted it against Assad’s government before because he is the killer in Syria and to get rid of him is a top priority to Syrian people.”

-Khaled Arnaout, Junior

Do you approve or disapprove of the air strikes against the terrorist groups in your country?

“We’re actually waiting for the U.S. to help the Syrian people and come to their defense. We’ve been waiting for them to help us against the government in Syria but they never did.”

-Amjad Karkout, freshman

Cassie Burton
Courier Editor in Chief

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