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Monmouth faces in famous places

October 3, 2014

While Monmouth is roughly a couple of thousand miles away from Hollywood, the campus community can still occasionally see a famous face – or a famous twin, at least. These twins, or look-alikes, are every-day students, faculty and staff proving just how homogenous the human gene pool can be with their uncanny resemblance to actors and actresses we have come to know on the big and small screens despite having no (known) relationship whatsoever.

The Courier staff took out their cameras and went to work to snap some of these celebrity look-alikes in real life. You be the judge.


Junior Courtney Sargent and Sasha Pieterse


Professor David Wright and Hugh Laurie (Doctor House)


Junior Danielle Stuckey and Viola Davis


Professor Lars Kristiansen and Chris Pratt

Cassie Burton and Erica Anderson
Courier Editor in Chief and Sports Editor

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