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The tradition continues: Homecoming comes to Monmouth

October 3, 2014

Photo courtesy of Jeff Rankin - The Homecoming parade is a long-standing tradition for Monmouth College. Student floats make their way through town in 1963 and 1939.

Leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping and there is a noticeable amount of enthusiasm in the air. The first weekend in October marks the start of “Homecoming in the Highlands” for students, faculty, staff and alumni of Monmouth College.

“I would say, if I can be so bold, that I have one of the best jobs on campus during Homecoming,” said Jim Fry, assistant director of campus events. “It is busy, yes, but it is so rewarding and fun to see students and alumni come and enjoy the weekend.”

Events kick-off today, beginning with the Meaning of Life Lunch in the Weeks House at noon. New this year to the program is the Alumni Awards Reception, replacing the President’s Homecoming Gala. This program will consist of an awards ceremony honoring a Distinguished Alumnus, Family of the Year and the Hall of Achievement inductee, among others.

Also on Friday is the Spirit Shout at 8 p.m. on the football field. This is a time for competitive dance routines by student organizations, shout and banner contests, introduction of the 2014 Homecoming court and a fireworks display.

“I love the Spirit Shout,” said junior Amber Berge. “Everyone puts a lot of work into their dances and shouts and it’s so fun to see it all come together and see the campus all out supporting Monmouth College. There’s also fireworks, and who doesn’t love fireworks?”

Berge is the president of the Association for Student Activity Programming (ASAP). In conjunction with the Office of Campus Events and the Alumni Office, ASAP decides on a theme and plans events for the weekend.

“Each year we go through possibilities for the theme,” Fry said. “We look at what has been done in the past and what really highlights Monmouth College. We get input from students and also alumni. This year the popular choice was ‘Homecoming in the Highlands,’ highlighting Monmouth College’s Scotch-Irish heritage.”

Throughout the day on Saturday, prospective students and alumni will tour campus with the option of attending departmental open houses located throughout various academic buildings.

There are also class reunions and social events for alumni looking to reconnect with their classmates.

For most students and alumni the two big events of the day are the Homecoming parade and the football game. The parade begins at 11 a.m. on Broadway from 6th street to 9th. This is an opportunity to cheer for this year’s floats, marching bands and special guests.

“When entering a float in the parade it is most important to make sure you stand out,” Berge said. “Anyone can put a group of people and hay bales on a trailer. If you do something new and unexpected I think judges would definitely take notice.”

The football game kicks off at April Zorn Memorial Stadium at 1 p.m. versus Beloit College.

Saturday activities conclude with the Homecoming Chorale, Concert Choir and Chamber Choir Concert in Dahl Chapel at 7:30 p.m.

Elizabeth Meyer
Courier News Editor

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