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Unsung Heroes

October 3, 2014

Drew Lipinski / The Courier

From football jerseys to Halloween costumes, Mindy Moore and other Business Office staff make it their goal to help students through budgeting challenges and to make memorable moments here at the college.

Moore is the student accounts manager. She oversees student accounts, charges and helps families determine how much they owe, in addition to providing other resources to help them budget.

“That’s what the business office does. We help people that need payment plans set up a budget,” said Moore.

Although Moore doesn’t live in Monmouth, she grew up in Monmouth and graduated from Monmouth High School. What brought her to the college was the employment benefit for her son to get tuition remission.

Moore comes from a large family. She has a twin sister and her younger sister works in the Student Affairs Office here at Monmouth.

Her favorite part about the job is when she can help somebody that’s having trouble paying their bill.

“You can look at their account and see that they could be eligible for more loan money or just help them figure out a way to pay their account balance,” Moore said.

Moore likes visiting with the students even though she’s been relocated to her own office in the back.

Because of her jovial spirit and willingness to help, Moore has made friends of many students who have graduated. “It’s fun because when the students come in as a freshman they’re all scared, but as the years go by they all come in to talk.”

Students like Jasmine Johnson, a 2014 graduate, would come in just for conversation, and Moore said that made her job fun.

“We’re all moms (here). I can relate to their problems, I have kids too!” Moore said.

“It was fun talking to them not on a business office level but just friendships.”

If you’re ever interested in interior decorating, Moore is the woman to talk to. Interior decorating has become a hobby for Moore and already she’s decorating her bathroom at home.

In August, Moore was promoted to student accounts manager after seven years of being student account representative. Students won’t be seeing much of Moore right now because she’s currently filling in for accounts payable at North Campus and training the new employee.

However, when Moore does return and she’s hidden away in her office, expect to see her coming to the front desk to provide all the help that she can for students.

Kimarri Campbell
Contributing Writer

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