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Advice with Some Spice

October 31, 2014

Dear Paprika & Cayenne,

I have received a couple of midterms for this semester and I am very nervous about my grades. Any tips?
-Dazed and Confused

Hey boo! First off, do not let those midterm warnings discourage you. Instead, take them as the motivation that you need to succeed. As an upperclassman, I can relate because I have also experienced a midterm warning during my time at MC. Once I knew my exact grade in the class, I continued to fight to raise my grade. Take out those boxing gloves and get to work as soon as possible! Some ways to fight those bad grades include study time, tutoring sessions, learning time management, understanding a social life and work balance and talking to your professor. In college it is so easy to get caught up in everything else besides class. Remember that you are here for academics and to shine in that classroom. I have faith in you!

Peace and academic love,


Hey Hey,

Like my bestie Pap said, don’t let the midterms get you down. It’s just a little kick in the butt to get you going. I received my first midterm as a senior and it’s scary, but don’t worry! Try to get a study group together with friends in your classes. Also, don’t forget about those tutors! We have writing tutors and we have tutors for just about all departments. They’re there to help you out and get you finals ready. No worries sugar. It’ll get better! Keep on keepin’ on and you’ll succeed!

Peace in the Middle East,


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