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Interfaith leader Patel inspires audience: Sponsored by the new Lux Center for Church and Religious Leadership, author addresses large crowd in Dahl

October 31, 2014

Kevin Lindsay / The Courier - Patel addressed crowd in Dahl Chapel on Tuesday night.

Author of “Acts of Faith” and Interfaith Youth Core founder Eboo Patel visited Monmouth on Tuesday, Oct. 28.

Patel held a convocation in Dahl Chapel that at 11 a.m. and later returned to lead a discussion at 7 p.m. He spoke on many different topics from inspiration and open-mindedness to his book, “Acts of Faith” and what it takes to be an interfaith leader.

Patel explained that his Interfaith Youth Core is dedicated to bringing people of conflicting viewpoints and religions together to better understand one another and help others. When asked if conflicts become a problem in the youth core, Patel said, “This work is about dealing with disagreements.

“This notion that we should throw up our hands and do nothing is basically forfeiting our position … the separation of church and state doesn’t mean the removal of religion from civic life,” said Patel.

After the question and answer session people were dismissed from Dahl Chapel and invited to get their books signed by Patel and speak with him. Freshman Anthony Adams said, “I thought it was really good, he is a very coherent speaker that obviously knows what he is talking about.”

When asked about his interest in the Interfaith Youth Core, Adams said, “At first I was hesitant not having a religious background but someone has to represent that voice and background.”

There were many intellectual nuggets to be taken away from the speech.

Sophomore Anthony Bryant said, “I definitely enjoyed the talk because he talked about holding an intellectual non-offensive conversation with people of other faiths, to achieve the ability to learn from a different perspective. He also said you have to educate yourself in mind before you can educate yourself in spirit in order to understand your faith a lot better.”

On his experience at Monmouth, Patel said, “I just found Monmouth a really inspiring community; this is what liberal arts colleges should be like.”

Eric Hendrix
Contributing Writer

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