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‘Glee’s’ Lauren Potter speaks

November 7, 2014

Photo courtesy of Amy Lawrence - 'Glee's' Lauren Potter poses with Maddy Neal, Kelci Foss, Tori Belm, and Amy Lawrence.Last Tuesday ASAP brought speaker Lauren Potter onto campus to discuss her experiences with the hit television show “Glee” and speak out for people with disabilities.

The lecture series, entitled “The Human Experience Series,” brings speakers onto campus to enrich the understanding of students on Monmouth’s campus. ASAP president Amber Berge said, “The purpose of the human experience series is to bring the stories of others and their experiences to our campus. We want individuals on campus to hear what amazing and troubling things other people are enduring, experiencing and overcoming. Hearing the amazing human experience of others is important and we want to give people the opportunity to hear these outstanding stories and experiences.”

Carlin Reinig, also a member of ASAP, said, “The idea is that each person experiences life differently, and it is sharing those differences that brings us together, and lifts us up. I absolutely think that that is what Lauren Potter did, and it is my hope that future speakers keep the trend going.”

Lauren Potter, who has participated in numerous organizations dedicated to speaking out about disabilities, has decided to use the publicity that “Glee” has given her to make sure that her cause is heard.

Photo courtesy of Kelly Swann - Lauren Potter "throws what she knows" with ladies of Alpha Xi Delta.“We were motivated to bring Lauren Potter because we thought she would be a great person for people on campus to relate to. Many people know her from Glee and she also isn’t too far apart in age from us. We think her story of overcoming obstacles and achieving her dreams is inspiring. Even if students are facing different obstacles than hers to achieve their dreams they can still relate to having those obstacles and see someone who overcame some very tough things to get where she is,” said Berge.

Reinig added, “Even if it is just one person who is affected, these are events that could potentially change the course of a person’s life. If that is not exciting, then I don’t know what is!”

Berge said, “It is one thing to read an article about someone’s struggles and achievements but it’s another to sit down and actually hear them tell you in person all about their experiences. It’s hard not to be inspired by something that powerful.”

ASAP’s Human Experience Series will continue to bring powerful speakers to campus.

“We are hoping to book someone very soon for next semester that will hopefully again inspire students and continue to share the human experience,” said Berge.

Aimee Miller
Courier Copy Editor

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