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I-Student Files

November 7, 2014

Kimarri Campbell / The Courier

Have you ever heard of James (Jamie) Erhimu? He’s the guy who recently grossed the highest bid in the International Club’s annual bachelor auction.

Erhimu is a freshman from Ghana here at Monmouth College. He was first introduced to Monmouth by the U.S. embassy’s EducationUSA undergraduate program in Ghana.

After a lot of research and counseling from the library staff at his school in Ghana, Erhimu soon realized that Monmouth was the place for him. He prides himself as being known for his suave demeanor and athletic build. There’s a significant chance you have run into him at the gym.

One of his biggest hobbies is working out; however, writing and listening to music is not too far behind. He appreciates being able to creatively express himself through music and dance. These are things that help him cope with the home sickness he often feels being so far away from home.

Although Erhimu said he enjoys being at Monmouth College, he does miss his mom, friends and especially the food. However, he understands that the sacrifice he made to come here will be beneficial in the long run.

The people, the atmosphere, the weather, and of course, the beautiful women, are all worth it, according to Erhimu. He understands attending Monmouth will not only assure him a higher education, but it also will help him mature into a more independent man.

Upon arrival he was shocked to see how small and isolated the town is, but he is content nonetheless.

Erhimu also made a point to mention some of the biggest misconceptions he’s heard of about Africa from American students.

“There is no language called African,” Erihmu joked.

“Africa is a continent made up of 52 countries, a language called ‘African’ doesn’t exist, and no, we don’t all live in trees.”

Erhimu looks forward to his current and future academic career here at MC. He concluded the interview by reciting his favorite quote: “I’ve learned to accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what would be. I’m just trying to live my life.”

DonJanae Morgan
Contributing Writer

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