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Behind the scenes with Netflix

November 14, 2014

An undeniable truth of the college experience is that procrastination happens and more often than not, it has a lot to do with binge-watching something on Netflix.

Netflix is an on-demand video rental service that charges a flat rate for subscribers to stream as many movies and television series as they want per month. The service has thousands of movies and television shows available on their website as well as options that are only available through a subscription to their DVD-by-mail service.

For most, Netflix is just a magical place where for $7.99 a month you get a ton of movie and TV options at your fingertips. Unless the company takes down that one show that you were totally planning on watching but just haven’t gotten to yet. Then it’s torture.

So, how does Netflix make these decisions? To stream these movies and TV shows, Netflix has to purchase the licenses for all of the content. These licenses require renewal, and it isn’t always in Netflix’s best interest to renew a particular show. If the show isn’t gathering an audience or has bad reviews in an area, Netflix might choose to let the license expire rather than spend more money on it.

To keep seeing TV shows and movies that you like on Netflix, the key seems to be to keep watching those shows and get others to watch them, too. If the demand for certain content is high, Netflix is likely to renew the license for it.

The company alerts customers of this impending expiration date on the website. When the company adds new, notable shows to the site, they also will email customers or post the information on their social media sites.

In addition to selectively choosing which titles to purchase the licensing for and which to forego, Netflix has been creating more and more original content, like “Orange is the New Black” or “House of Cards.” Recently, Netflix announced a movie deal that they recently scored with Adam Sandler.

Though competitors like Amazon and HBO are trying their best to break into the streaming market, Netflix still currently holds the key to most students’ hearts. Luckily, Netflix does offer gift cards that can be put toward an existing Netflix account (and that could make great stocking stuffers).




Mackenzie Mahler
Courier Features Editor

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