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Got talent?

November 14, 2014

Students will be gathering in Dahl Chapel tonight to watch fellow classmates preform their unique talents for the annual Monmouth’s Got Talent show. The first act will begin at 7 p.m. so get there early to find a front row seat.

“It offers students the chance to have some fun, show of their talents to the student body and also their personality,” said assistant director of campus events, Jim Frye. “For those who aren’t preforming and just attend, it helps them get to know people a little better.”

The talent show will feature a variety of acts including piano pieces, voice impressions and dancing. There will also be a step performance from the Umoja Steppers and other musical acts. This year will have a total of thirteen contestants showcasing their talents.

Along with a wide a range of talents, there is also diversity among the contestants. Jacob Gray and Mariela Shaker are both international students that will be preforming at tonight’s show. Gray, hailing from Northern Ireland, will be playing a rendition of “I’m Not the Only One” by Sam Smith and Shaker, a Syrian international student, will be giving a violin performance.

“I’m looking forward to preforming, I really enjoy playing in front of people back home and getting to do it here is going to be cool,” said Gray.

The event is sponsored by ASAP and has become very popular among students throughout the years. The first place winner will receive $200, second gets $150 and third comes out with $100.

Judges will be rating the contestants on a number of categories to determine the winners. The categories include overall performance, personality and originality.

If you have a friend preforming or enjoy a particular act, make sure to cheer your heart out because the last category is audience reaction.

“It’s a joy to see talented students perform,” said judge Trudi Peterson. “I’m honored to be asked to judge and look forward to the diversity of student talent.” 

Monmouth’s Got Talent happens once a year so tonight is the only chance you’ll have to check out the skills and abilities of students. If you would like to perform in the next talent show, make sure to look for flyers and info about it next fall semester.

Alistair Ramsay
Courier Staff Writer

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