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High hopes for basketball: Men’s and women’s basketball prepare for their first games

November 14, 2014

Kimarri Campbell / The Courier - Members of the men's basketball team work on layups and scrimmage in practice. The first game of the season is set for Saturday, Nov. 15 at 5:00 p.m. in Glennie Gymnasium.

This year the goal of the men’s and women’s basketball program is the same: to make it to the conference tournament and compete to win the Midwest Conference Championship.

For the men’s team, the off-season helped them make major improvements on their play.

“This season I feel that the team has come into practice in much better physical shape/condition than in the past years,” Senior forward Chad Thompson said.

This helps them during practice because then they do not need to focus so much on conditioning but can focus on the basketball aspect; therefore, they can be ready for the upcoming season.

In the 2013-2014 season, the Scots finished with a less than favorable 6-17 record, but look to bounce back strong and redeem themselves.

“Our greatest challenge is to become the best defensive team that we can be. We have a good offense and we will always be able to score points,” said Thompson.

But the focus this off-season has been to have a defensive mentality that will help them shut down teams when it becomes later in the game. Coach Skrivseth has also emphasized playing as one this year.

Junior forward Reed Goodbred said that if they play as one this year, then this will allow them to become closer as a team and will not let adversity to take over late in the game. The men start their season with a home opener on November 15 at 5 p.m. against Webster University.

The women’s team is hoping to make it to the conference championship game for the fourth consecutive year and to send the seniors off in the right way. The off-season, just like the men’s team, has helped them make improvements for their team.

The women finished 19-6 overall last year and hope with new head coach Katie Marcella at the helm, they will adjust and compound on that record.

“Every day of the week we had some sort of conditioning or workout and day in and day out we pushed each other to get better and prepared ourselves for preseason practice to begin,” Junior guard Katie Houston said.

Since they pushed each other so much during the off-season they feel that this will give them the edge over the other teams in the conference. The greatest challenge that the team will face this year is adjusting to the loss of players and head Coach Melissa Bittner.

“Replacing the seven seniors that graduated last year and adapting to a new head coach, with a new coaching style, will be our main challenges at the beginning of this year,” said junior guard Kristi Ragan.

Ragan went on to say how the team is looking forward to these new opportunities and to compete in conference for another year. The women also begin their season on November 15 at 3 p.m. in Glennie Gymnasium against Wartburg College.

Preparing for the season to start, Houston said, “Well, let’s just say we are ready to beat on someone else other than our own teammates.”

John Winkler
Contributing Writer

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