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I-Student Files

November 14, 2014

With everything that is going on in Syria, Monmouth is a safe place for Syrian exchange student Jad Freyha.
Though he is afraid for Syria and its unsettled future, Freyha is hopeful for opportunities while studying at Monmouth College.

He is studying Computer Science and Mathematics and is currently in search of an internship. Freyha is on a three year plan, with the expectation that he will graduate next spring.

When explaining the process of choosing a school, he says that it was one of the most stressful years of his life. He had to do a ton of research, applying and waiting. He was accepted to Monmouth and it was the perfect fit.

If you do not know Freyha, take a trip over to the Sigma Phi Epsilon house and you cannot miss him. He is an up-beat, outgoing and fun person that can always make you smile. Sigma Phi Epsilon has served as Freyha’s second home. When he arrived on campus, there was a large cluster of international students that he wanted to break out from to become more involved.

The fraternity house has been his primary residence since rushing last year and that is the place that he feels most comfortable. He says that brotherhood is the value that he lives by most.

He will never turn down a brother in need of help. This structured organization in which he has been able to share laughs and tears has made the biggest difference in his transition.

Traveling is something that Freyha treasures very much. He has been to many countries including; Liberia, Turkey, Egypt, France, Spain, London and Turkish Cyprus. His experiences traveling have allowed him to be more open-minded, cultured, understanding, less judgmental, compassionate as well as see different levels of beauty and sadness.

Traveling this much has made him a hard person to impress because of all the amazing things that he has seen and experienced. Freyha speaks three languages including Arabic, French and English and is currently studying Japanese.

He is a very social person and loves to be surrounded by his friends, brothers and his girlfriend. He is dating a Malaysian international student named Nadine Warren.

“She is so beautiful and I am most lucky to have her by my side.” Freyha said. He is also a true cat lover at heart and would even jump in front of a bus for one.

If you are ever looking for a fun time with Freyha, turn on some Brittany Spears or Lady Gaga and you are guaranteed to share some laughs.

Kallie DiTusa
Contributing Writer

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