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Puzzlepalooza: Alpha Xi Delta puts together the pieces for philanthropy

November 14, 2014

To raise funds for their philanthropy, Autism Speaks, Alpha Xi Delta will be hosting a PuzzlePalooza on Saturday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. in Scotland Yard.

Samantha Stevenson, the president of Alpha Xi Delta, said, “PuzzlePalooza is an event where people (students, staff, community members) are able to create puzzles to earn raffle tickets to win prizes.”

In addition to selling puzzles, they will also be selling tacos during the event. Emily Olson, in explanation, said, “We will also be selling ‘walking’ tacos (taco in a bag). We decided that tacos were a good thing to sell because we notice the excitement from students when tacos come to the cafeteria. We also liked this aspect because you can choose to either make puzzles, eat tacos, or do both.”

The emphasis of the event is to promote awareness for Autism Speaks. Stevenson said, “The aspect of putting together puzzles comes from Autism Speaks and ‘people with Autism just want to “fit in.”’

Olson added, “We decided to put on PuzzlePalooza as it is one of the events that are recognized by our Nationals. But we also wanted a change from the events that we have done in the past such as Xi Marks the Spot. We all know that Xi Man which happens in the spring semester is our biggest event, but we want to give an opportunity to involve all of the community in our activity and raising awareness.”

This focus has generated approval from members of Alpha Xi Delta. Abby Hubbard, a sophomore member of Alpha Xi, said, “I feel as a chapter we have been privileged to be able to work with kids around the community with autism and having that hands on experience has helped us become more dedicated to autism speaks and more motivated to raise money and awareness for them.”

Kamzic also approves of the change. “For the past three years we have done Xi Marks the Spot as our fall philanthropy event. I am excited that we are switching things up this year and I am looking forward to seeing the impact of this event compared to that of Xi Marks the Spot. We hope that this event will draw in more people because it is inside (not in the cold), it does not involve running around campus, we do not need people to be in teams, and there is food!”

Puzzles will be $5 for adults and $3 for children. Tacos will be $2 for both adults and children.

Stevenson said, “All students, staff, faculty, friends, family, and community are invited to come out and have the chance to win prizes by completing puzzles and to enjoy some tasty tacos with us.”

Aimee Miller
Courier Copy Editor

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