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I-Student Profile

November 21, 2014

Photo courtesy of Neema Lema

Across from the Center for Science and Business on the top floor of the Intercultural House, there is a young lady who loves long walks on the football field, the stinky pig smell and loves to stand in the long pasta lines just for one piece of shrimp and two noodles.

She loves tall guys – who are not hard to find – because she is no taller the 5’2.

Yes, I know it seems like I am trying to set her up on a date. Actually, I would just like to introduce her to you all. Her name is Neema Lema and she is a junior transfer student from the University of Vermont.

She is originally from Tanzania, which is in east Africa. Her hobbies include any type of shopping. Whether it’s online or in store, this girl just loves to shop.

As a biology major, Lema wants to be an epidemiologist and find cures for different diseases. She is the oldest of four children and is here working hard to set an example for her younger siblings. She has two younger brothers and one younger sister who looks up to her.

Lema has been in America for three years. “I wanted to study abroad since I was 15,” she said when asked why she came to the United Sates.

Before she came to America she heard many different stereotypes about Americans such as, “Americans are not as friendly and to be careful of them” and “you never know when you are going to get bombed.”

Since she has been here she has learned that these things are not true. She has been living in peace here in America.

Lema said that Americans are a lot friendlier then what she expected. She has been enjoying her time in America and even though she misses her home, she wants to explore the world and learn about different cultures and let them learn about her.

“Monmouth is doing a good job with promoting diversity across campus,” Lema said.

The last school she came from was much bigger, making it hard for her to make friends. Therefore, when looking at a school to transfer to, Monmouth seemed like the perfect fit.

Here at Monmouth, she said, even though she still struggles to make friends, it’s much easier to become friends with different people on this small campus.
MC is so small that you can learn and get to know your professors and your classmates.

Lema is also a part of Mu Lambda Rho, the co-ed fraternity at Monmouth. She joined because she was able to be herself within this origination. It’s her family away from her family.

Lema has big goals that are the stepping stone for big dreams. If you have not gotten to know her then maybe you should get to know her and a lot more of the international students here.

Amirah Hall
Contributing Writer

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