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Kickboxing class a smash hit with high turnout

November 21, 2014

If traveling to the Huff Athletic Center on Tuesday and Thursday nights this month, one may have heard NSync blaring from its lower level. Upon investigation, a herd of people kickboxing to the beat would be found in the Field House as part of a free monthly course.

The kickboxing classes started on Nov. 6 and continued until Nov. 20th as part of the athletic fitness center’s initiative to help campus members to learn different sports based on availability of instructors and interest.

“I felt that kickboxing would be a fun alternative for student fitness so we tried it out,” said Ashley Sims, director of wellness. “The feedback has been great.”

Sims said the class averaged 45 students each night. The class is one of three offered by the Health and Wellness Center this year. “She’s intense when it comes to the abs, but it’s still a good class to take,” said freshman Valerie Miranda, who took the class because she is on the softball team. Several team members took the class to condition for the upcoming season.

Miranda took the class since it started and expressed satisfaction with her results, saying she felt confident.

“(It was) open to men and women so anyone can join, plus it’s totally worth your time,” Miranda said. “This class had many people getting up to move along with the music.”

While some took the class to stay fit for their respective sports, some took it for personal fitness.

“I like that I was having fun and still working out,” said sophomore Jareka Webb, who went to the class first to try it out and returned because of how much fun she had.

Because of the large turn-out, Sims predicted that a kickboxing course could return in the spring.

“This class has been our largest of the semester,” Sims said. “I am looking forward to keeping options available for students as well as bringing in fresh programs.”

Amirah Hall and Cassie Burton
Contributing Writer and Courier Editor in Chief

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