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New promotions in athletics: Monmouth College sees several changes in coaching staff

January 30, 2015

Amidst Coaches Steve Bell and Dave Ragone’s departures from Monmouth College, the athletic program has seen several changes in coaching staff with football, tennis and golf.

Chad Braun was promoted to head football coach, but in his upward climb, the positions of offensive coordinator and head men’s tennis coach were left empty. It only seemed fitting that head women’s tennis coach and assistant men’s tennis coach Brian Jordan fill the spot of head coach for the men’s tennis team. All involved are pleased with the change.

Brian “Big Red” Jordan can now cross another accomplishment off his Monmouth College checklist.

“I think it’s great for Brian,” said alumni Michelina Sullivan.

“He was a big part of the Monmouth community while I was a student there and a good friend of mine. He was the embodiment of what it meant to be a Scot and to have a person like Brian being the head coach can only be a positive thing,” Sullivan said.

Jordan has been roaming the campus for the better part of the last decade and has been credited for revitalizing the marching band and now will look to do the same for the tennis team.

The team has been working hard all offseason and will be looking to make their head coach proud as they move deeper into their workouts to prepare for their upcoming season.

“He has been in the program for years, he just has a new title and looking at the season we have a good, young team,” said junior Marco Franco.

“We are very talented and I have high expectations for us this year and Coach Jordan is going to be the reason how we get there. Coach Jordan is a huge part of Monmouth’s tennis success not just as a coach but also as a player and he has already passed on to us his experiences and that has a huge impact on our big freshman class.” Franco added that expectations are high and Jordan demonstrates strong leadership and passion.

Monmouth College - Coach Brian Jordan will take his place as men's tennis coach. Players involved with all the recent coaching changes are happy with the outcome and look forward to their respective seasons.

On his promotion, Jordan said, “I have two goals for this team: succeed in the classroom. Succeed on the tennis court.” He holds his players to high standards and will continue the strong program that has been building over the last decade.

“I think my coaching style will not differ from women’s season to men’s season. I expect our players to give 100% at everything they do with our team,” said Jordan.

On the women’s side, nothing will change. Jordan will coach both teams. Freshman Katherine Hinman said she is excited for Jordan and says spirits are high for everyone.

For football, it was announced on Thursday morning that former offensive lineman Joe Freitag will step into the roles of offensive coordinator and offensive line coach. Freitag played for the Scots in the mid-2000s and helped lead the team to its first conference title in almost 30 years. He also worked closely with Braun in his time playing at Monmouth and was even recruited by Braun when he was in high school. After first impressions, the team is enthusiastic about the new addition to the staff.

Monmouth College - Coach Chad Braun will take over as head coach for the Fighting Scots football team.

“Coach Freitag really seems to know the game as well as anyone out there and another plus is that he played offensive line here so he knows what Monmouth football is all about,” quarterback Tanner Matlick said.

Sophomore football player Trent Rains says the team feels positive about Braun’s promotion, as well. With Freitag joining the staff the chemistry of the team will excel.

“I strongly believe that Braun is the right fit for the team and I can’t think of anybody better to be in the head coaching position,” Rains said.

With the first men’s golf tournament only seven weeks away, Ragone’s announcement to leave had the men’s golf team a little nervous. Players were anxious for what lay ahead. However, it was announced this week that assistant men’s basketball coach, Steve Schweer, will be his replacement as head men’s golf coach.

“I believe the hiring of Coach Schweer for our team is a great hire. He has a great track record of recruiting and I think he can help our team continue to develop and add talent. On top of everything he is an overall great guy and definitely someone that our team looks forward to working with,” said sophomore golfer Luke Kreiter. Kreiter added that the team’s goals have not changed and defending the Midwest Conference Championship is at the top of the list.

Through all the promotions and changes, players and coaches have adapted to new the roles and changes well. The legacies will continue and everyone involved has high hopes of what is to come for Fighting Scots athletics in the upcoming seasons.

Erica Anderson and Anthony Matozzi
Courier Sports Editor and Contributing Writer

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