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Unsung Heroes

February 6, 2015

Michelle Ravel / The Courier

Orientation, Family Weekend, Commencement, Homecoming. Everyone on campus has experienced at least one or more of these events. But who can we all thank for putting these events together? In the lower level of the Stockdale Center you can find the office of Jim Fry, who is responsible for all of these and more. This unsung hero is the assistant director of campus events, advisor of ASAP, hall director of Founder’s Village and Advisor to Phi Delta Theta.

Fry was born and raised in Monmouth and has an older sister named Katie who teaches elementary school. He attended Monmouth for his undergraduate degree and then spent two years of graduate school at Western Illinois University.

After a job opening in the Student Affairs Office, Fry returned to Monmouth in 2013 and has enjoyed his time here since.

Fry’s passion and dedication to his work here was apparent when asked about his favorite thing about his job: the students. He loves to work with the students and says it is the reason he wanted to work here.

“You guys are fun,” said Fry. “I’m really into the college atmosphere and the opportunity to bring events to campus.”

When it comes to campus events, Fry’s favorite event is the Human Experience Series, which is a program that brings in various speakers to talk about their life stories and experiences. The latest speaker to come will be a Holocaust survivor on Feb. 19. Fry describes this event as his “baby project” and hopes to see it grow more.

“I hope it’s the one thing I can leave at the college,” Fry said.

Another favorite event of Fry’s is orientation weekend and the amount of planning that goes into it. “It’s craziness. Chaos. But it’s controlled fun,” Fry said.

When he’s not busy with planning campus events, student affairs or advising his fraternity, Fry loves to travel. He has places like London and Barcelona under his belt and would love to travel to New Zealand someday.

Fry is a hardcore coffee drinker, though you can’t tell by his calm, laid back attitude. In his spare time, he plays piano as a stress reliever.

If you’re a friend of his on Facebook, you can tell he loves music, and a lot of it.
“Any sort of music except opera, I just can’t. No offense to anyone that likes opera,” Fry jokingly explained.

Fry hopes to stay at Monmouth as long as the students want him here, but when asked about his plans after Monmouth College, he hopes to stay in student affairs, at a different school or bigger institution.

He also would like to look into politics someday, but based on the success of his work, Fry looks to be staying here for quite some time.

Whenever you find yourself at an ASAP event, campus event or even if you see him walking around campus, make sure you stop to thank Jim Fry for all the work and passion he puts into his job to make the college experience what it was meant to be.

Cristian Corbett
Contributing Writer

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