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Unsung Heroes

February 13, 2015

Michelle Ravel / The Courier

This time of year, the utility members of the Monmouth College staff are as busy as ever. In addition to the everyday maintenance jobs, the staff is also hard at work clearing the walkways and parking lots of snow and ice.

Randy Sensabaugh is a member of the staff who has been hard at work maintaining our campus since 2005. He is a true unsung hero at MC. As a member of utilities, he is responsible for maintaining the sanitization of Graham Hall and the Mellinger Teaching and Learning Center, along with setting up for various events the campus holds, such as graduation and matriculation. He is one of the staff members on campus who bears through the unfavorable conditions in order to make the campus a better place for us all.

Sensabaugh began his time here at Monmouth after the Butler Manufacturing plant in Galesburg was bought out in 2004. Previously employed there for 15 years, he began working at Monmouth the next year. Originally stationed at the Huff Athletic Center, he soon made the transition to Graham and Mellinger Hall. Sensabaugh is a native to the area having grown up in Abingdon. After becoming employed with the college, he moved to the nearby town of Greenbush with his wife Brenda.

Beginning at 6 a.m. Monday through Friday, his typical day begins with rounding up the trash throughout Graham and Mellinger, as well as making rounds through the hallways and bathrooms. Like the rest us, Sensabaugh gets a case of the “Mondays” from time to time as he said, “After being off on the weekends, and everything that goes on, it makes Mondays the worst.”

During his time here at the college, Sensabaugh appreciates that he is able to be a contributing factor in the lives of young adults as he sees the growth and maturity in the students throughout their time here at Monmouth. He also enjoys the gratification that comes with being thanked for what he does here at the college. Being present in Graham Hall every morning, he has a positive impact on the lives of the young men that reside there along with the entire campus while tending to his other duties as a member of the utility staff.

Because we see our utility staff members so often, it becomes easy to overlook them and let their presence go unnoticed. Sensabaugh is not the only one on campus who goes through the undesirable in order to make campus conditions desirable for everyone who resides at Monmouth College. Sensabaugh and the rest of the utility staff are the definition of unsung heroes.

The next time you see someone on campus clearing the snow off a sidewalk on your way to class, be sure to thank them for all that they do to keep our campus a pleasant place to live.

Nicholas Stevens
Contributing Writer

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