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When the cold bothers you anyway: Ideas to pass the time when the cold makes you say ‘nope’

February 13, 2015

Michelle Ravel / The Courier - When it's not frigid, making a snowman is always a great time.

“Do you want to build a snowman? Do you wanna go out and play?”

Students probably don’t, due to the extreme cold and wind that has been plaguing campus.

There’s plenty to do indoors, however. We all know about Netflix or having a movie night with your closest friends, but there is really so much more you can do with your time.

Have a Pinterest day with your friends. There are plenty of arts and crafts that can be easily made from the items found in your dorm.

Not crafty? No problem. You can always print off coloring pages online, grab some old fashioned crayons and have just as much fun. Want to make coloring more entertaining? Put on a movie, or build a fort to color in.

Not into the coloring or fort making? There is still plenty other activities you can do. If you can, gather your friends, get together some baking good supplies and go to your dorm room kitchen and bake some yummy treats. Just please don’t set off the fire alarm.

If you rather stay in your room cuddled in bed, you could always pull out a good book. We all know that finding the time to read for fun while in college is tough, but a snow day is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of it.

Why not add a little competition to the snow day? If you are lucky enough to have a gaming system with you or know someone who does, you can get together with a group of friends and set up a basketball, football or soccer tournament. Or you can Google a variety of minute to-win-it games and have a fun tournament that way. There are plenty of easy competitions that can be played with the items in your dorm.

Here’s an example of one easy, fun Minute to-win-it game for 3 people: grab 9 pencils, and 3 plastic cups. You each get three pencils and a cup, you have one minute to bounce as many pencils as you can into the cup. It may sound stupid and lame, but it can get just as competitive as a video game.

There are still many more options for fun activities for a snow day. Just remember, Google is your friend.

Anne Begley
Contributing Writer

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