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February 20, 2015

Jacob Grey is currently a junior here at Monmouth College. He considers himself shy, quiet and reserved, so when he first arrived, making friends was challenging. But with his charming personality, he soon fit right in.

Grey comes from a small family. At home in Ballymena, Ireland he lives with his sister and his mom. His younger sister is 18 years old and his mom is a principal at an elementary school.

“My mom is a great cook,” said Grey. When asked about his favorite food, he said, “That would definitely be my mom’s lasagna.”

He is studying business and is interested in corporate law. When he is not in class, he enjoys playing the guitar and the piano. Grey has been known to play at weddings and bars. When playing at bars, Grey entertains the crowd with his acoustic guitar. He feels right at home on stage and doesn’t mind the pressure of playing alone in front of a large crowd. Even though he enjoys music and playing with a band, he prefers playing by himself at the bar.

Grey also enjoys movies and is a huge soccer fan. Many may be surprised to learn that Grey can quote the majority of lines from the “Lord of the Rings.” After sharing this fun fact, he laughed and said, “Even though I know so many of the lines, my friends can quote even more.”

Grey loves the fact that Monmouth College is “small and friendly.” He greatly enjoys the interaction between students and the ability to see the same faces on a daily basis. Where Grey comes from, it is not unusual for a college campus to have 23,000 students. With that large of a student population, it would be much more difficult to establish close relationships like he has done here.

Even though he really enjoys Monmouth, Grey also sees a few negative aspects of attending a small liberal arts college in western Illinois. Grey is not a fan of how cold our winters can get and considers Monmouth to be located “in the middle of nowhere with not much to do.”

Despite the negatives, Grey feels that being an international student is a great life experience that will benefit him not only personally, but professionally as well.

Kyle Milroy
Contributing Writer

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