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Unsung Heroes

February 20, 2015

Known as the “Resume Queen” by some of her co-workers, you may recognize this career guru if you’ve ever needed help finding an internship, job or just needed a few resume touch-ups. In the circle of offices in first floor of Poling Hall you can not only find the office of Stephanie Kinkaid, but a welcoming, accepting environment.

Kinkaid lives in Gerlaw with her husband Jim and two of their three children, who attend Black Hawk College in Kewanee. Her other son, Donald, is in the Navy stationed in Washington.

After graduating from Illinois State University, Kinkaid had a variety of jobs, including a daycare director to a mental health professional. While Kinkaid was experiencing a broad assortment of careers, her sister discovered a love for working at Monmouth during her 23 years with the college.

After the several times that her sister expressed how much she cherished Monmouth, Kinkaid decided to apply for an opening on campus. Thus, Kinkaid joined the college staff eight years ago. And like her sister, she soon learned Monmouth College is something she will always hold dear and close to her heart.

In the beginning of her Monmouth career, Kinkaid worked for Dean of Students Jacquelyn Condon where she spread her neighborly persona to the students she met, became friends with them and still keeps in touch today.

“Some of my best friends are alums from Monmouth College,” Kinkaid said proudly.

Four years later, after applying for an opening in the Wackerle Center, Kinkaid was finally employed in what she calls her “home,” where she can cultivate her passion to help Monmouth College students succeed in any way possible.

“Coming to the career center changed my life,” Kinkaid said. “I feel, literally, like I came home and this is where I’m supposed to be.”

While many students visit Kinkaid’s office daily, they may not know that she is a great cook and an avid reader. She will read just about anything, both fiction and nonfiction. “I’ll read the cereal box, if I can’t get a book in my hands,” she joked.

When asked about her favorite part of working at Monmouth, she said, “By far the students.” Her passion for helping the student body is evident.

“I always say, ‘be kinder and gentler’ because I think our world tends to be a negative place, and I always want the students to know this is where it’s fun, you can laugh, we can talk about serious stuff, but nobody is going to get hurt here, this is your safe place and I hope every student on campus knows I’m here for them and it doesn’t have to just be about careers.”

Whenever you’re in the Wackerle Center freaking out about finding a career or just need a friend to vent to, be sure to stop by Stephanie Kinkaid’s office and thank this unsung hero for her dedication to helping Monmouth College students in every way she can.

David Edge
Contributing Writer

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