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Greek Week strengthens community ties

March 27, 2015

Last Friday kicked off Monmouth College’s annual Greek Week.  This week of events strived to connect all Greek organizations on campus through friendly competitions, including Penny Wars, the Canned Castle Competition, a Blood Drive and Family Feud.

Although sororities and fraternities at Monmouth College support their own charities throughout the year, Greek Week unites all Greek communities to work toward a common goal.  This year, the Greek Week committee voted to donate all proceeds from the week’s events to Stella’s Voice, an organization committed to help end human trafficking.  

Michelle Ravel / The Courier - JoJo Podosek and Rachael Landrey play quidditch.

“There’s a lot of great activities that we all get to compete in, and the money and nonperishable food items that we collect during the week all goes to a good cause,” said sophomore Kappa Kappa Gamma member Katy Tolsky.

Wednesday night’s Greek Week Show is a favorite among many Greeks. “My personal favorite part is the talent portion of show. People who you might never imagine on a stage have a tendency to put together some of the most interesting performances,” said sophomore Sigma Phi Epsilon member Cole Downey. “I don’t think I have ever, or will ever see a more stirring rendition of Titanic than Zeta Beta Tau’s portrayal during last year’s Greek Week.”

Michelle Ravel / The Courier - Drew Lipinski celebrates as professor Dick Johnston gets pied.

“We get to showcase our skills and have a lot of fun dancing and playing different characters in the skits,” agreed senior Pi Beta Phi member Jordan Boland. “It really gives us an opportunity to show our creativity and humor.”

Greek Week gives sorority and fraternity members an opportunity to intermingle. “Although many Greeks have friends who are in a different fraternity or sorority they tend to spend more time with their chapter due to activities, so Greek Week gives us just an extra time to hang out, have fun and make more friends!” said junior Kappa Kappa Gamma member Brittany Willett.

Michelle Ravel / The Courier - ZBT and Kappa Kappa Gamma showcase the different Hogwarts houses in their dance.

While this celebration of Greek life utilized a point-system competition throughout the week, it wasn’t all fun and games.  Greek Week represents just one step that the Greek community at Monmouth College takes to defy social norms and redefine what it means to be Greek.  

“As Greeks, we have to stick together and show the community what it truly means to be Greek, even when there are negative images of Greek life in the media,” said junior Pi Beta Phi member Haylee Gustafson. “We all want to leave our marks on our chapters before we leave Monmouth College, and Greek Week is a great way to do that.”

Michelle Ravel / The Courier - Alpha Xi, Sig Ep and Mu Lambda Rho pose at the end of their dance.

One goal of Greek Week is to prove society’s stereotypes of Greek life wrong. “Monmouth›s Greek community is a community of inclusion, not exclusion. We are secret societies, but by no means are we exclusive,” said junior Phi Delta Theta member Anthony Howe. “Many of us believe that our respective organizations play a pivotal role in integration on campus and strive to extend this sentiment to as many people as we can. Greek Week celebrates the positive in Monmouth College’s Greek community by involving ourselves in charitable giving and other activities as a whole.

Michelle Ravel / The Courier - John Salazar is shocked as he was expecting to get pied over Marquis Williams.

Julianna Graf
Courier Staff Writer

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