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Water polo keeps spirits high

March 27, 2015

Michelle Ravel / The Courier - Women's water polo saw tough competition this weekend, but gave the the audience good matches to watch against Utica and Carthage Colleges.

The women’s water polo team has plenty to keep their spirits up, even though they didn’t start the season the way they had hoped. The Scots are currently 0-7 this season, but it is nothing they are worried about.

The Fighting Scots are full of new faces this year, including nine freshmen. With a lot of young players on the team, the Scots are still learning to play with one another.

“We’ve got a lot of new girls, so it’s good to see the growth and cohesion coming along,” said coach Josh Dunn about his young squad. Dunn praised his young team for not losing their competitiveness throughout the weekend. Even after suffering a heart breaking 10-9 triple over time loss to Utica College the first game on Friday, the Scots remained tough.

“We played as a team and kept moving offensively, we made a few mistakes early that cost us the game but as a whole we played very well,” said lone senior Morgan Bruess.

There are some things that need work if the Scots want to have different outcomes.

Michelle Ravel / The Courier

“Our communication is very good right now, we just need to get better at handling the aggressiveness of defenses as well as being more aggressive on defense ourselves,” Dunn said.

Dunn went on to say, “We need to get better with our foul awareness, knowing when and how to foul.” He was also impressed with everyone’s willingness to score.
“We had a different high scorer every game, which puts a lot of pressure on defenses when your whole team can score,” said Dunn.

The Scots will continue the season this weekend as they travel to Connecticut for another round robin tournament. Seeking their first win, the Fighting Scots will get another crack at Utica College as well as Carthage College, who the Fighting Scots also had a tough match against losing by three points.

“We played a strong game against both Utica and Carthage and it would be nice to come away with a win against one or both of these teams,” said Bruess. “Throughout the week we will work on things we struggled with during the tournament and I believe that will help us come away with a win.”

Nicholas Stevens
Contributing Writer

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