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ASMC elections begin next week

April 17, 2015

Tuesday April 21 marks a significant moment in Monmouth College history as two teams contend for the positions of president and vice-president of the Associated Students of Monmouth College.

In Wells theater, presidential nominees Amber Berge and Marquis Williams will present their campaigns with help from their vice presidential running-mates Carlin Reinig and Trent Markland, respectively.

“The competition provides a new dynamic for a couple different reasons,” said current ASMC president Jake McLean.

“First, there hasn’t been contention for the position of president for some time so its rarity is the most exciting part. The second reason is the candidates themselves. Amber and Marquis have very prominent leadership positions on campus.”

Berge is president of ASAP and Pi Beta Phi and was recently named head resident of Peterson Hall. Williams is the president of Mu Lambda Rho as well as the current ASMC clerk.

“They each have a vision of what they want to do as president of the student body,” McLean said. “It’ll ultimately be up to the students of Monmouth College to decide who they find better suited to take on this level of responsibility.”

Although their leadership experiences differ, both nominees focus their campaigns to promote change through student body involvement.

“The main change I would like to see at Monmouth College is to get rid of the mindset some students have that what students want doesn’t matter. I think many students don’t think their opinion matters, but it truly does,” said Berge.

“When students voice their concerns and opinions, the ASMC executive board works to make student-inspired changes which make a positive impact on campus.”

Williams echoes a similar sentiment in his campaign’s message.

“We invest four years of our time, energy, and money into this school and for students to come out dissatisfied means that we are doing something wrong, and we need to be working to change that,” said Williams.

“I hope to address not only the problematic areas that cause dissatisfaction, but also the areas that we are excelling in and should therefore be spotlighted as important elements of the Monmouth College community.”

All MC students are encouraged to place their votes for next year’s ASMC president and vice president.

Voting will take place both online and during lunch and dinner in Stockdale the week following the debate. The winning pair will be announced on April 28 before the Highlander Leadership Awards banquet where the winning president will give his or her inaugural address.

Julianna Graf
Courier Staff Writer

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