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Between the Uprights

April 24, 2015

The NFL might be making the extra point a thing of the past and it breaks my heart. My life is a lie. Nothing is official but most NFL chatter is pointing to rendering the extra point extinct.

Proposed changes are to give teams a choice between a 2 point conversion from the 1-1/2 yard line or kick the extra point from the 15 yard line, making it effectively a 32/33 yard field goal.

There has been talk of narrowing the goal posts like the Arena Football League. Take my word for it, 12 feet is plenty narrow enough. Staring at a 40 yard entry with the wind howling is hard if you could land a Boeing 747 between the goal posts.

The last idea is to make every play after a touchdown a 2 point conversion attempt from the 2 yard line.

For a special teams guy, this is like someone coming up into your house and taking your couch. Sure it really tied the living room together. Sure it was handy for a rest after a long day just as an extra point is when a team drives 75 yards and scores a touchdown. But the NFL feels the need to “upgrade” and “stay fresh”.

I won’t entertain the argument: “They make almost every extra point so why should they even do it.” It sounds to me like there are a lot of people who wish they could be as good at something as those kickers are at kicking.

When it is 4th and inches, the quarterback could just tell the ref they are going to run a QB sneak and they automatically get a first down.

Maybe I’m crazy, but it seems like the same logic as the above point.

Being a kicker in the NFL takes a special type of talent. And the most talented people of all-time at kicking a football are slowly being forced out of the game it seems . It may appear harmless to the casual sports fan but I see it as a slippery slope. Next they’ll get rid of kickoffs, then, hell, why not remove the goal posts? They obstruct viewing anyway.

Deep breaths, Ace. You’re being a bit hyperbolic. Kickers will probably always be an integral part of American football. Well until people stop playing because of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) and what not.

Ace Henricks

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