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Faculty Poetry Reading: English Department honors National Poetry Month

April 24, 2015

True to the liberal arts goal of Monmouth, Wednesday, a group of faculty members from a variety of disciplines gathered together in the CSB for a poetry reading. The reading was organized by Bridget Draxler, David Wright, and Lee McGaan.

The Faculty Poetry Reading is a yearly tradition that has been going on for many years in April because it is National Poetry Month. Although poetry is something usually studied in the English classroom, faculty from all sorts of disciplines, including English, Biology Philosophy and Religious Studies, Classics, Theatre and Modern Foreign Languages came to the reading to share their favorite poems. It was a small gathering attended by both faculty and students.

“This is not something that lives in the English department, but lives on the whole campus. We want people to know that poetry has a kind of value all across the campus,” said Wright. Yes we love poetry more here in English, but actually, it turns out that we don’t necessarily. “People from all across the disciplines find poetry to be valuable”

The poems read were as diverse as the faculty. Some were somber with images of death, while others involved a drunken Scotsman. The faculty were extremely supportive of one another, cracking jokes and giving compliments.

Most of the poems were favorites that the faculty had found and enjoyed, but two of the Faculty members, Brianne Donaldson and the retired Mary Bruce (who was unable to attend), shared original works.

“I loved the representation from all sorts of different departments across campus, the mix of students and faculty, all coming together to appreciate something beautiful at the end of the semester,” said Draxler after the reading.

Both Wright and Draxler attribute the success to McGaan, who has worked for years to grow the program.

“Lee McGaan has done a wonderful job over the years of organizing this and approaching faculty all across the disciplines to share favorite poems,” Wright said.

“I just want to thank Lee McGaan, who wasn’t able to be here but is really the heart and soul of this program and spent a lot of time over the years making it possible,” Draxler commented.

Natalie Stortoni
Contributing Writer

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