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April 24, 2015

Drew Lipinski / The Courier

Samuel Adjei, better known as Sam, is currently a freshman here at Monmouth College and was born in Kumasi, Ghana.

Adjei comes from a family of three, one older brother and one older sister, in which he is the youngest. He has moved from place to place ever since he was young.

From Ghana he moved with his mother and lived with her in the United Kingdom for almost five years. After being in the U.K. for quite some time, Adjei moved back to Ghana where he has spent the rest of his life, up until now that is.

Adjei never had the opportunity to visit Monmouth College before he decided to come here. However, he chose Monmouth because he knew that he wanted to attend a small college. He also chose Monmouth because it was the best college out of all of the other options he had to chose from. Adjei said that he just had a feeling that Monmouth was a great fit for him.

Adjei is studying political science here at Monmouth. He wishes to pursue his dream of being a politician and lawyer in the future. He loves politics.

“Life makes me love politics, because everything is politics,” said Adjei.

His favorite class is film and politics, not just because one of his friends does not like the class, but because it is the only class he has that makes him feel like he is working toward his dream goals.

Another dream job of Adjei’s is to become a professional soccer player. When not in class, Adjei enjoys playing soccer. He recently became part of the men’s soccer program at the beginning of the spring semester when started at Monmouth.

For Adjei, playing the lovable game of soccer is more than a hobby to him and more than an escape from the world.

“It’s the only place outside of school where I get to learn something, like communication and teamwork,” he said.

Apart from being part of the soccer program, Adjei is part of the International Club on campus. He loves the diversity within the club and the fact that he can learn from others, just as they can learn from him.

Adjei says he’s not a very social guy, but that does not make him antisocial either. He just said that when he’s talking with someone, he’s shy at first, but then if he finds out that he has something in common with them, the outgoing parts of his personality will be revelead.

Despite being a not-so-social guy, Adjei feels that being an international student is a once in a lifetime experience that will benefit him in the future in many ways.

Andrea Correa
Contributing Writer

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