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May 1, 2015

Malak Atassi, a junior, is a girl from Syria with serious ambition.

Atassi is from Homs, Syria. Syria is north of Jordan, east of Lebanon and south of Turkey. Within Syria, Homs is on the western side of the nation, near the Mediterranean Sea.

It could be said that Atassi is from a number of places. Since starting her undergraduate career, she has studied in Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia before coming to the United States. She has also lived in Damascus, the capital of Syria.

After all of this traveling around the world, the obvious question was, why Monmouth?

Atassi chose Monmouth College because she was looking for a quiet small place to live alone in the U.S. for the first time. She found out about MC from her cousin. When asked what she liked best about the school, Atassi said, “I like the natural view. The people here are so nice.”

She said her least favorite thing about Monmouth is, quite simply, the food.

Atassi is extremely well traveled. Besides the other countries she has lived in, she has visited New York, Orlando, Cleveland, San Antonio and Chicago in the United States. She said that Orlando was her favorite. One of the reasons she gave was that Florida was cheaper than Illinois.

While in Florida, she really enjoyed Disney. In Illinois, she says that she is not a fan of the insects. Atassi claimed that the insects in Illinois are far worse than the insects in Syria.

Atassi speaks three languages, including Arabic, English and a bit of French. She went to a private Arabic school in Syria and, on the weekends, learned English from her father.

Her big dream is to become a dentist. She is a pre-med biology major here at Monmouth. She studied dentistry at all of her previous schools and has a strong interest in science. Atassi is particularly interested in genetics and stem cells. After graduating from Monmouth College she would like to go to dental school in Illinois, Florida or California, where she has never been.

Atassi is very involved on campus. She is involved in Better Together (Monmouth College’s Interfaith group), as well as the Pre-Health Club and the International Club. On any typical night you can find Atassi hanging out with her friends.

She speaks with passion about the things she enjoys and will continue to do what she loves for the rest of her life. Atassi puts great effort into everything that she does and great things can be expected of her for the future.

The ambition that Atassi describes in herself is something that all MC students should strive to have.

Timothy Yates
Contributing Writer

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