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Seniors say, ‘Sayonara!’: Shout outs from members of the Class of 2015 before they leave

May 1, 2015

I just have a few things I would like to say in my Senior Shoutout for underclassmen:
Try new things, take chances, and take advantage of the opportunities we are given here at Monmouth College. You have the chance to get to know your professors on a personal level, and cultivate a lasting relationship with them. You have basically unlimited access to an incredible athletic facility. You have access to not only the Monmouth library, but some of the best libraries in the Midwest. You can go to the Wackerle Career and Leadership Center and get fantastic help to make yourself more marketable and a better leader. You can be a part of MCDC (Monmouth College Drum Club), or Business and Economics Club, or you can start your own club. You can take a theatre class, or Ancient Urban Architecture. Whatever it is that you want to do, go out and do it. A college is a wonderful collection of people, resources, opportunities and knowledge. College is what you make it, so make it great. 
Yours truly, 
John O’Connor

Professors Myers and Cordery – As a history major my sense of time became skewed. Four years is nothing compared to the entirety of human existence, and hardly any time at all to know someone else. But, as it is not a strict progression of cause to effect, sometimes it’s just enough time to learn important lessons in and out of the classroom. Thanks for your invaluable guidance, and for being true role models and friends.
-Rachael Laing

I would like to give a “Senior Shoutout” to Phi Delta Theta, Illinois Gamma. This fraternity has definitely changed my life. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to experience great things, met a lot of great brothers over the years, and had many of good times! Damn Proud to be a Phi!
-Marcus Wade

Dear Sofia and Carly, 
Please get your sh*t together over the summer if you wish to become mentors. 
-Sammi Kimmey

Giving a shout out to my NB’s Erica and Taylor, the best roommates to ever walk on Monmouth College’s soil.
Shout out to the KKGs. Keep on keeping on my sisters.
-Megan Snodsmith

I want to thank: Dr. Urban for giving me back my love for history; Dr. Cordery for being the best role model and professor a history major could ever ask for; Dr. Myers for sticking with me through all my flip-flopping; Bev McGuire for being a kind ear for all my whining; Lynn Daw and Lauren Jensen for proving that being a librarian is AWESOME!; and to my Mom for, well, everything. Seriously, thank you.
-Andrea Papineau

To underclassmen,
Make mistakes. Sometimes you have to figure out what doesn’t work before you can find out what does.
-Phil Buckwinkler

Shoutout to my favorite news editor Libby Meyer for long talks in the Courier Cave, inviting me to formal and being the most excited person to see me all the time. I’ll miss your surprise hugs at the bar Lib! Also shoutout to the entire Comm. Department for preparing me for the real world. 
-Erica Anderson

I want to give a shout out to my second family here on campus, MCSB. You girls have made my senior year beyond wonderful and I am so glad I got to play my last season with you! Keep on keepin’ on next year and I’ll be back to watch some games! Make me proud. Love you all!
-Taylor Smith

Shout out to my roommates, Alpha Xi Delta Sisters, Wackerle Family, faculty, staff and friends for making my four years at Monmouth College truly incredible. Words cannot describe how wonderful everyone has been throughout my journey to graduation. I will miss everything about Monmouth, especially the people and bagpipes.
It’s great to be a Scot,
Kelly Swann

I would like to thank Professors Connell and Johnston for shaping my beliefs into what they are today. Monmouth College is a better place because of the impact that they have on their students and the things that they do for the school and community.
-Phil Jones

Shout out to Prof. Joe Angotti and the Courier staff for all of the great memories and amazing work that went into this year’s paper, with a special recognition to Aimee Miller for giving me Cheetos. I also went to give a special thanks to the English faculty for their unending snark and support, except for Marlo – she gets regular thanks, because of all the verbal abuse in class.
-Cassie Burton

I’d like to thank all of my professors: Kate, Wertz, Trudi, Dopheide, Gorchoff, Vanessa, Emily and Angotti. You have really helped shape my college experience, and I’m so grateful to know all of you. Thank you to my Alpha Xi sisters and my ZBT boys. I literally would have gone insane without you. Natalie, I love you and you are going to do such great things senior year. Thank you for putting up with me, especially when I suck. MK, you are not only MC’s woman of the year. You are my woman of the year, too. Clairebear, you are a beautiful soul, and don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise. You will do great things.
-Mackenzie Mahler

Long bus rides, blaring music, dealing with the crazy weather, spending countless hours at the course….it’s over before you know it. Your days as a college student fly by, but your days together as a team are even more limited. Never take it for granted. Play your heart out every round. Before you know it, you’ll be the one putting for the last time as a college athlete. #MCWG
-Anne Begley

A poem to my hubband,
Rose are Red
Violets are Blue
I bought you McDonald’s
Now buy me some too
-Anthony Occhipinti

Holla at my favorite freshmen JoJo and Jess! You girls keep me young and I will cherish our time together forever. Our breakfast dates are always the best part of my week! Obviously I will be back all the time, but more specifically, I will be leading the charge on both of your 21st birthdays. If I could leave you one piece of advice it would be to follow the words of our girl Miley, stay true to yourself and Do Your Thang!
-Libby Meyer

A shout out to the Monmouth College Chemistry Department for four years of adding to each of our wave functions of life. You have taught us how to appropriately assign weighting factors for education, social life, and extra-curricular activities. To Laura, Audra, Brad, Steve and our yearly additions, thank you for all that you do
The Chemistry Seniors

Shout out to the speech team. Thanks for all the laughs, guys!
Love always,
Aimee Miller

I would like to thank my professors, Emily, Vanessa and Doug for their guidance, support, and friendships, for you have shaped the amazing college experience I was fortunate to have. A thank you to my brothers in ZBT, we truly have a brotherhood like no other. And a final thank you to Chris and Carlin. You both mean the world to me; as I was only your brother in ZBT for a year, you both will be my best friends for a lifetime.
-Nick Sargis

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