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Unsung Heroes

May 1, 2015

Bob Foster is one of the athletic trainers here at Monmouth College. When he was about 25 years old he saw an opening to interview on campus.

“I thought I could make a positive difference,” said Foster when asked why he chose to take the job at Monmouth.

Foster really enjoyed the staff and administration during the interview process. He said he got a very welcoming feeling here at Monmouth College. His favorite part about working at MC is interacting and getting to know the students.

He enjoys helping to heal injuries so the athletes can continue playing the sports they love. While in college he first thought about doing physical therapy until a speaker came to one of his classes. The speaker talked about athletic training and changed his mind on what he wanted to do. Foster felt he could do more as an athletic trainer.

Luckily for Monmouth, Foster wanted to become a trainer and has helped many athletes throughout his time here. One of his favorite things to do outside of work is spend time with his family. Other hobbies include playing golf, traveling or going to sporting events. He also likes watching movies. His two favorite movies of all time are Braveheart and Happy Gilmore. Foster also said that he doesn’t mind a superhero movie every now and then. If he could be any superhero he said he would be Superman.

“He is without a doubt the best superhero,” Foster said. “I totally get Clark Kent during the day and Superman at night.”

Foster also likes listening to music. He doesn’t really have a favorite and will generally listen to anything. He likes to listen to rock but also appreciates the classics.

Some fun facts many people might not know is that he was this year’s champion of a 10 team fantasy football league. For those of you who play fantasy football, make sure you come prepared if you want to play against Foster.

An ironic fun fact happened to him when he took his son hunting not too long ago.

“We didn’t see any deer all day while hunting, but I hit one with my car on the way home,” Foster joked.

Even though he didn’t seem to have any luck that day, he enjoyed spending time with his son.

Foster is a great trainer and an even better person. He not only loves his job and working for Monmouth College, but loves getting to know everyone on campus.

Kyle Milroy
Contributing Writer

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