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Unsung Heroes

September 11, 2015

Kallie DiTusa - The Courier

Dave “Fish” Fisher is a popular face around the Monmouth College Huff Athletic Center. Always equipped with a friendly smile and a sincere “hello,” Dave is one of the many staff members responsible for keeping the campus clean and pristine.

Fish grew up in the Washington/Peoria area until his dad moved his family to Monmouth in search of a job in 1968. In Monmouth, Fish got a job at the local grocery store on 11th Street, and worked there for over 42 years bagging groceries, until it closed. While working at the local store, Fish was constantly involved with the Monmouth College student body and faculty.

Whether this involved a conversation at the checkout line with a coach, helping out the college athletes with fundraisers or even something as simple and genuine as donating his ‘bagging’ tips to the cause, Fish loved being around Monmouth College. When the grocery store closed, Fish said it was an easy decision to continue to work alongside the Monmouth College family.

When asked about his favorite part of his job, Fish replied instantly, “Always being surrounded by the athletes and coaches.” However, working in the Huff does not come easy for Fish. His weekly routine consists of cleaning the Huff Athletic Center Tuesdays through Saturdays from 3:00 in the afternoon to 11:30 at night. This includes cleaning up the fieldhouse area after a weekend track meet, the locker rooms after a muddy football game, the coaches’ offices after a long day’s work or Glennie Gymnasium after an upset.

Even with these late-night hours, Fish loves working in the Huff Athletic Center. “I’ve had the option of switching to other locations on campus and being able to work during the day, but I love being around the athletes too much to do that.”

During his interview, Fish was asked if he could coach one sport which would it be and why. After thinking about it for a minute, he responded eagerly, “Girls basketball! Girls Basketball has always been one of my favorite sports to watch. Although each and every sport and athlete works extremely hard, I would enjoy coaching the girls the most because of the basic skills and fundamentals they show during each game.”

Family has always been important to Fish. Although he moved to the Monmouth community when he was seventeen, he admitted the main reason why he stayed here was because he “met a local girl, fell in love, and got married.” Although his family continues to grow each year as new students come and go, there are actually a few of his family members that are members of Monmouth College student body and faculty. “I have two daughters who work in Poling Hall, and this year my granddaughter and niece both joined the incoming freshman class.”

Monmouth College has truly become a part of his family both figuratively and literally as each year the job becomes more and more rewarding.

Emily Watkins
Contributing Writer

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